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"High-Power Converters and AC Drives" (PDF).
Kouro, Samir; Rodriguez, Jose; Wu, Bin; Bernet, Steffen; Perez, Marcelo (JulAug 2012).
85 86 Regeneration is useful in VFDs only where the value of the recovered energy is large compared to the extra cost of a regenerative system, 85 and if the system requires frequent braking and starting.
With a four-quadrant rectifier (active front-end the VFD is able to brake the load by applying a reverse torque and injecting the energy back to the AC line.
A b "Bearing Currents in Modern AC Drive Systems - Technical Guide.Lendenmann, Heinz;.However, in some applications such as common DC bus or solar applications, drives are configured as DC-AC drives.79 When these high-frequency voltages find a path to earth through a bearing, transfer of metal or electrical discharge machining (EDM) sparking occurs between the bearing's ball and the bearing's race."Power Electronics and Motor Drives Recent Progress and Perspective"."Evaluation of 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid Electric Drive System" (PDF).Cycloconverter or matrix converter (MC) topologies (see image Cycloconverters and MCs are AC-AC converters that have no intermediate DC link for energy storage.Basics of AC drives,.Wound-rotor synchronous motors and induction motors have much wider speed range.AFE inherently regenerates energy in four-quadrant mode from the DC side to the AC grid.Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, 2008 (optim 2008).B 21 Operator interface edit The operator interface provides a means for an operator to start and stop the motor and adjust the operating speed.

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46 In a six-step drive, the DC output of the SCR-bridge converter is smoothed via capacitor bus and series-reactor connection to supply via Darlington Pair or igbt inverter quasi-sinusoidal, six-step voltage or current input to an induction motor.
Wu, Slide 159 Rashid, Muhammad., (Ed.) (2006).
Could be saved by efficient energy improvement technologies such as VFDs.
See also edit nema Guide defines a motor's breakaway torque as 'The torque that a motor produces at zero speed when operating on a control and a motor's breakdown torque as 'The maximum torque that it will develop with rated voltage applied at rated frequency."Guide to Variable Speed Drives - Technical Guide.Wound-rotor synchronous motors can be run at even higher speeds.New York: ieee Press.Additional braking torque can be obtained by adding a braking circuit (resistor controlled by a transistor) to dissipate the braking energy.68 Noise smoothing edit Some drives have a noise smoothing feature that can be turned on to introduce a random variation to the switching frequency.New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc.Skibinski, Gary; Breit, Stephen (2004).Available power ratings edit VFDs are available with voltage and current ratings covering a wide range of single-phase and multi-phase AC motors.1: spwm carrier-sine input 2-level PWM output An embedded bellville michigan pumpkin patch microprocessor governs the overall operation of the VFD controller.Retrieved Feb 14, 2012.VFDs are used in applications ranging from small appliances to large compressors.

A higher carrier frequency produces a better sine wave approximation but incurs higher switching losses in the igbt, decreasing the overall power conversion efficiency.